A Talk Radio Listener Watches The Lewandowski/Michelle Fields Video And Sees No Evil
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From: A Talk Radio Listener [Email him]

The top political news today is that Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski has been charged with battery for allegedly manhandling Michelle Fields, who worked for Breitbart at the time. She claims that he pulled her back and threw her to the ground, causing bruises which she displayed the next day. [Police Charge Corey Lewandowski with Misdemeanor Battery Against Michelle Fields - Breitbart, Breitbart, March 29, 2016]

The police released a video of the incident, which is included in the Breitbart report.

I watched the video I saw no assault or battery, only an overhead shot of people walking away from a campaign event There is a box at the lower right of the screen where the assault presumably was supposed to have occurred. So I watched the video again, concentrating on the boxed area. Again I saw nothing except a crowd of people walking away, with usual close quarters touching and bumping. I watched the video again. Same result—no assault I watched the video yet again. Again I saw nothing.

If I were inclined to comment, I would have written: "The above video shows no assault or battery." However, the vast majority of commenters miss this fundamental point. In fact, some Cruz-bot commenters claim that the assault and battery is clearly shown in the video, which is like claiming that the emperor really did wear a fine suit of new clothes. Most people assume that if the police release a video of a purported crime that the video in fact shows evidence of a crime. The media and the controlled conservative talk shows are now denouncing Lewandowski and Trump based on a bogus charge and a video that shows nothing.

The whole event appears to be an anti-Trump hoax, perhaps recycled in anticipation that the "The Thing" video of Cruz shot by Rubio opposition researchers is about to be released.[ Ted Cruz Mistress Crisis – Apparently There’s Video… The Last Refuge,  March 25, 2016]

I wonder who is being paid off and who is doing the paying? This has been a costly election cycle for the Adelzuck forces, with little to show for it thus far. One final note to Michael Barone and the New York Times: My support for Trump is based exclusively on the only issue that matters: mass non-white immigration. Trump says that he will build a border wall and impose a moratorium on Muslim immigration, He just might do it if elected I know that none of the other candidates will.

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