A Talk Radio Listener Hears Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) Refuse To CONSIDER A Moratorium On Visas For Refugees
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From: A Talk Radio Listener [Email him]

On his Saturday radio show, Larry Kudlow tried unsuccessfully to get Republican Sen. Ron Johnson  of Wisconsin (NumbersUSA Grade: C) to agree to support a moratorium on visas for refugees. What came out of the long, rambling interview is that Johnson wants perpetual war in the Middle East while continuing to admit women, children, and relatives of aliens already here.

Johnson never stops talking, mixing memorized talking points with the confusing language of the bureaucracy. Central Casting could not have come up with a more perfect representative of the Stupid Party. Here are some excerpts from the rambling interview, which can be heard online here:

Kudlow: Isis is sending 450 more terrorists to Europe. In the highly likely event that Isis will be infiltrating the U.S. with more terrorists, what should be done about it?

Johnson: “We have to start hunting down Islamic terrorists wherever they reside around the planet.”

“One of our first steps in a very long struggle is to deny them territory and destroy the Islamic State.... As long as it exists, it will inspire the terrorism in San Bernardino, [etc.]”

Kudlow: There is a big debate about granting new visas.... FBI Director Comey has said we simply do not have information to let refugees come in.... Why would we let any new visas come to the U.S.? Why not a moratorium on new visas? It’s not just Muslims. It’s anybody from any place.

Johnson: There probably would be some humanitarian considerations for relatives, women and children, etc. ... I understand some of those exceptions. Comey is correct. We can’t properly vet the refugees.

“But I am more concerned about the inspiration over the Internet” to "home grown: terrorists and “our completely porous southern border.” “I would concentrate on securing our southern border ... and you gotta defeat Isis.”

Kudlow: Let me try to button down the issue of visas. As you know, it’s very easy to get a passport or visa to the U.S. ... Can we have a blanket moratorium for at least some period of time – 12, 18, 24 months? Would you be in favor of such a law?

Johnson: “Obama has the legal authority to let in the 10,000 Syrians he wants to let in. ... Women, children, relatives, start there.”

As Johnson rambles on about setting up a safe zone in Syria, Kudlow interrupts.
Kudlow: But Sen. Johnson, pardon me for interrupting, but you know that the women and children we let in become the Isis terrorists later on. Look at the Boston Marathon bombers and the San Bernardino terrorists. The woman came in on a marriage visa. Women and children – to me, it’s a false distinction.

Johnson: Obama has the power to do it. That’s what the Presidential campaign is about. Are we going to elect a serious President who will do something about it?

Kudlow: [Gives up trying to get an answer out of Johnson to his proposed visa moratorium and asks a question about the southern border.] “Family members, I don’t want to come in.”

Johnson: Democrat Senators in the Gang of Eight are holding up border security because it’s not comprehensive.

Kudlow: Has your committee passed a border security bill? [Kudlow obviously knows the answer, which is No.]

Johnson: We passed a “border metrics bill”. It’s being held up by Democrats in the Senate.

Kudlow: Does McConnell support it?

Johnson: Yes, but it’s being held up by Democrats?

I don’t remember the Republicans holding up anything when they were in the minority.
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