A Tennessee Reader Says The OU Fraternity Brothers Should Sue David Boren And His University
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Above, David Boren addresses a group of protesters.

Re: James Fulford's article Boren Goes Berserk Over OU Frat N-Word, But What About Black Frats? They Kill People!

From: Kit Brewer (e-mail him)

The expelled SAE brothers  should sue the university and this traitor of a president, David Boren. It is not against the law to be racist.

"Spouting" racist views is protected by the First Amendment. Those young men have the right to assemble in their frat house, sing offensive songs, make offensive videos.

A tax supported Land Grant university DOES NOT have the right to expel them for expressing unpopular views. If students and their families pay taxes, they have just as much right as Eric Holder to attend O.U. (Were this a private university, Boren would be within his rights.)

The ACLU should weigh in on this one.

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