A Tennessee Reader Defends Tiger Woods From Charges Of Steroid Abuse (Even Though He Doesn't Like Him)
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Re: Steve Sailer's blog post Is Tiger Woods Using Steroids?

From: Kit Brewer (e-mail him)

To assume that Tiger took steroids is ignorant and shameful. Unless you've lifted weights for a few years you have no idea how much weight and strength a young man can put on naturally.

I graduated high school weighing 155 and started competing as a weight lifter in college.at age 18. My weight went from 155 to 220 by age 26. Bench press from 250 to 350. Squat from 200 to 500. Dead lift from 350 to 500. Clean and jerk from 250 to 314.Snatch from 135 to 237. At 27 I hit a wall and could make no further gains. I started taking roids. Didn't help. I tore up a knee at age 29 and had to quit competing.

A young man who hits the weight room regularly and has good coaching can accomplish a hell of a lot. And his body naturally produces a lot of testosterone.

I detest Tiger. I Iove seeing him fail.

But I hate for people to automatically assume anyone who gets bigger and stronger is using PEDs.

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