A Talk Radio Listener Suggests Trump Pick His VP From OUTSIDE Politics
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Re: For Immigration Patriots, Scott Brown Probably Trump’s Best VP Choice—But There Are Others

From: A Talk Radio Listener [Email him]

The career politicians listed by Washington Watcher as potential Vice Presidential nominees are typical of what one would expect from inside the Beltway. They add little or nothing and will only deter some people from voting Republican, especially in the case of Cruz, with his combination of Religious Right zealotry and rumored sex scandals.

The only VP nominee who clearly will help Trump more than he hurts is a celebrity with a following independent of politics. The comedian Dennis Miller would be first on my list, but he never has expressed any interest in running for office. He comes from western Pennsylvania and lives in Santa Barbara. Actor and MIT graduate James Woods may be too old, but at 69 he is the same age as Hillary Clinton, a year younger than Trump, and in better health than Dick Cheney was when he was Vice President.

Perhaps someone with a better knowledge of celebrities can come up with additional suggestions.

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