A Reader Thanks Us For Posting About Oktoberfest Girls
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Re: James Fulford's blog item Oktoberfest Girls And Assimilation

From: A German American Reader [Email him]

frauenI just wanted to  thank James Fulford for the post about Oktoberfest and the link to the Oktoberfest girls blog. With all the multiculturalism everywhere in the media, it was nice to see some normal, happy, good looking white girls having a good time and serving beer.

It was also nice because unlike models, these girls weren’t playing their (very) good looks for power. I’m sick of how female pulchritude is abused nowadays to get power/money, so it was refreshing to see these frauen1girls just being beautiful.

And finally, I am part German myself, taking largely after my German grandmother. Oktoberfest resonates inside.

Thanks again for posting!

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