A Talk Radio Listener Says That If You Have A Legacy Going To A Charity Supporting The Riots, Change Your Will!
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From: A Talk Radio Listener [Email him]

If your will contains any bequests to organizations or you have executed Transfer-On-Death orders on bank or brokerage accounts to organizations, you should check the websites of the organizations today. Many 501(c)(3) exempt organizations not involved in politics are supporting the Antifa/BLM protests and riots.

If you find that any of your legatees are doing so, you should take appropriate action to cancel the bequests. In the case of wills, this probably will require that a codicil be executed in the same manner as the original will. In the case of Transfer-On-Death orders, you can usually make the change with a few clicks on the bank or brokerage website. At the same time, you can change the corporate legatee to VDARE.com, an exempt organization.

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James Fulford writes: We have an FAQ on bequests to VDARE.com here. Readers who want to know more about this should email VDARE.com advancement officer Lydia Brimelow.

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