A Talk Radio Listener Says NRO Is Backing Off A Little On ONE Anti-Trump Claim
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Re: A Talk Radio Listener On The Latest Neocon Anti-Trump Meme Shows Neocons Getting Desperate

From: An Anonymous Talk Radio Listener [Email him]

The article claiming the audience booed Trump, not Rubio, was taken off the National Review homepage index during the day.[Values Voter Summit Audience Boos Trump After He Calls Rubio a ‘Clown’, by Tom S. Elliott September 25, 2015]

It was still there this morning, but it's gone from the homepage now. Since you can now vote an article up or down and send them an unpublished message, I voted it down and sent a brief comment along the lines of: “Lies. Audience booed mention of Rubio. Read VDARE.com for the truth.”

They undoubtedly added the up or down vote to harvest email addresses to sell to spammers, but at least some underpaid flunky will see the barrage of hostile messages, many of which would be censored if posted as comments.

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