A Reader Reports Mark Zuckerberg Just Blew A HUNDRED MILLION Dollars Trying To Educate Black Kids In Newark
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From: A Texas Reader [Email him]

Here’s the story about what Mark Zuckerberg’s money didn’t do for the “failed schools” of Newark, New Jersey: Mark Zuckerberg's $100 million donation to Newark public schools failed miserably — here's where it went wrong By Abby Jackson, Business Insider, September 25, 2015


No one ever talks about "improving" the schools in, say, Appalachia, or the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Why is that?

A woman called Dale Russakoff has written a book called The Prize: Who's in Charge of America's Schools, trying to explain where the money went:

"When a school is closed, children had to walk through very dangerous territory, sometimes through gang territory, through drug-dealing neighborhoods," Russakoff told NPR. "And none of that was kind of vetted in advance to see what can we do for these kids to make sure they're safe."
My, my.

Imagine redneck kids in Appalachia having to walk by bear, deer, coyote and bobcats on the way to the one room schoolhouse.

And then having to relieve themselves in an unheated outhouse in the dead of winter.

Oh, the horror!

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