A Talk Radio Listener Reports Rick Perry In Sheldon Adelson’s Pocket
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Sheldon Adelson, as pictured in the Daily Caller

From: An Anonymous Talk Radio Listener [Email him]

Jerry Rogers has a remarkably frank piece about Sheldon Adelson’s undue influence on Rick Perry in the Daily Caller:

Despite his oft-stated disdain for federal meddling in state affairs, Governor Rick Perry recently sent a letter to Congress encouraging passage of Adelson’s ban on online gambling. Governor Perry even took to pages of the conservative National Review with an article ostensibly intended to reconcile the reality of the ban he advocates with the conservative positions he purports. He falls short. Sheldon Adelson And Rick Perry’s Fair-Weather Federalism, June 24, 2014

Jennifer Rubin has written two pro-Perry articles in the Washington Post this week, [One-on-one with Rick Perry (part onepart two) ]a sure indication that Perry has taken the full Neocon pledge on amnesty, Israel and anything else they care about.

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