A Bulgarian Reader Isn't Aggrieved With Us
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 Re: Radio Derb Is On The Air: Is Your Old Hard Drive Going To Be “Recycled” In China?, Etc.

From: An Anonymous Bulgaro-Australian [Email him]

As a person of Bulgarian ancestry (yes really) I was initially offended by John Derbyshire’s reference to vulgar Bulgars. A friend however told me that as Bulgars are white and Christian it is OK to insult them. I therefore apologize to you and am no longer aggrieved.

James Fulford writes: Yes, that is, in fact, the actual rule. See the New York Times Manual Of Style, the AP Stylebook, and similar volumes.

While I have nothing but respect for the Bulgarian people, and sympathized with their struggle with the former Evil Empire, I am happy we have found a new group to offend. As the great Catholic polemicist, G. K. Chesterton, put it

“In my own jog-trot journalistic existence, I have generally tried to keep this balance, and to distribute abuse and vituperation in such elegant and well-chosen proportions, that no nobody can be offended or feel that he has been left out of the fun.”[ As I Was Saying, 1936]
By the way, the transcript of Radio Derb shows that Derb actually approves of the Bulgars, who are “are pushing the illegals back across their border, back into Turkey whence they came.” It’s the "Human Rights Watch: people who think they’re vulgar.



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