A Talk Radio Listener On Black Fare Beaters: They're Not Even TRYING To Collect Fares In Brooklyn
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Re: Paul Kersey's blog item 90% Of Fare Evaders In The D.C. Metro Are Black, So They're Trying To Make Fare Beating Legal

From: A Talk Radio Listener [Email him]

I heard this on WOR Talk Radio in New York on December 4.

A caller who said that he represents NYC bus drivers said that on some routes in Brooklyn, 80% of the passengers don't pay. He added that drivers stopped insisting on payment after a bus driver was stabbed to death about 6 years ago.

James Fulford writes: He may have been thinking about an incident ten years ago, about this time of year:

I also found an earlier incident, where the driver survived, seized the attacker’s knife, and stabbed him back. A New York grand jury investigated him for six weeks to find out if that was okay: No Charges for Bus Driver in Fatal Stabbing, NYT, June 15, 2002. I believ in all cases both attacker and victim were black.




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