A California Reader Warns Of A PC Response To Ottawa Shooting
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James Fulford's article The “Lone Gunman,” Race And Immigration—A Lot Of “Lone Gunmen” Out There, Who’s Egging Them On?

From: Steve Smith [Email him]

Look for the pro-Islam/immigration narrative they always push when Muslims attack.

"It-s not Islam, its mental illness caused by discrimination and ethnic profiling...you intolerant racists".

They always claim mental illness as the cause or blame others (bullying), not the politically exclusive fascist ideology of Islam.

"Forget what their charter (the Koran) says,accept the Muslim PR line" ....like a broken record.

Just the tip of the iceberg, I promise.

I also noticed the shooter's dad is a Libyan jihadi, and his mom a Canadian immigration bureaucrat.

On the termination of the shooter, Canadian civilians were really lucky he attacked their political powerbase and not a soft target. Those in power, that push Muslim immigration and gun control tend to surround themselves with armed guards.

It wasn't luck at all, just poor terrorist target choice which prevented more killings. Had the jihadi attacked a soft target like a school, mall or sub shop where nobody is armed the death toll would have been much higher.

Canadians can't rely on the jihadis not changing strategy in the future and choosing softer targets, they will.

Canadians have to act for themselves and boot some gun control, pro-invasion politicians out of office, immediately, they kinda live in a democracy,  don't they?

Do Canadians have any self determination rights or control over their own immigration policy and self defense rights?

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James Fulford writes: On immigration, gun control, the death penalty, and hate speech, the Canadian political system suffers badly from bipartisanship. Both major parties more or less agree on all these things, and that means there's no one that you can vote for to change anything.(Canada already has a third party--it's worse.)

And the reader was correct in predicting a major attack of PC--Kathy Shaidle's TakiMag column on the response to the attacks starts out with a quotation from Canada's National Post:"It’s been a tough week for Canadian Muslims."

No, it's been a tough for those Canadians who were killed by Muslims.

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