DC Indian Outsourcing Scandal: Smelling Worse
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This Vivek Kundra scandal has the possibility of breaking the whole Indian body shop/Affirmative Action scandal wide open* A very intelligent report has appeared on Computerworld.com

Instant analysis: Bribery case may undo Kundra's Web 2.0 vision By Patrick Thibodeau March 13, 2009

…According to court documents, the case is nothing more than a straightforward financial crime committed by two people. But that's only the starting point for peeling this onion….

AITC is listed by the District as being "small, local disadvantaged" on the contract, which means it's qualified to receive preferred procurement and contracting opportunities. But while AITC may be based in D.C., the company touts its offshore operations in India. Does that still count as local? What made AITC's capabilities stand out in this competitive market?

This of course develops the issue I asked in my blog:

” Could Vivek Kundra’s presence explain the increased use by DC of Indian outsourcing? (Probable answer: Yes — before even considering corruption.)

Thibodeau gets even more to the point:

Did AITC send District IT work offshore? If that's the case, will Kundra, as federal CIO, encourage U.S. agencies — and by extension, commercial businesses — to send IT work offshore?

This raises the issue of: does Obama favor offshoring tech work? He clearly likes the consequent Indian exploitative culture as a fund raising scource.

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* If the MSM were about news rather than indoctrination.

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