A Talk Radio Listener Hears Mark Steyn Mocking #NeverTrump, While Mark Levin Stays Bought
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Re: Pat Buchanan's The Romney-Kristol Anti-Trump Suicide Mission Is Hillary’s Fifth Column Inside The GOP

From: A Talk Radio Listener [Email him]

Mark Steyn, subbing for Limbaugh today and yesterday, spent time both days making fun of the Never Trump movement. He noted that they have wealthy donors, expensive consultants, prominent conservative web sites, syndicated columnists, talk radio hosts, and political leaders, but they don't have a candidate.

He said that Mitt Romney, who has run and lost twice, would like to run again but doesn't want to leave the house. Hence the search for someone to run in his place. Steyn believes that will be very difficult now that polls show a dead heat between Trump and Clinton, with 87% of Republicans supporting Trump. (See Priority Boarding on the Lolita Express and The Chief Commissar of Municipal Zoning.) At times he sounds as if he reads VDARE.com, which we know he must from the VDARE tabs on the laptop screen shot he posted.

Meanwhile, I tuned to Mark Levin for about 5 minutes tonight to find him yelling about Donald Trump. At least Levin stays bought. I wonder how much longer stations will carry his irritating, one-dimensional show, which may have lower ratings than Spanish-language sports talk.

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