A Talk Radio Listener Has A Suggestion For The Dairy Farmers Who Crave Cheap Immigrant Labor
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From: An Anonymous Talk Radio Listener [Email him]

The LA Times has a story about dairy farmers who are employing—and harboring—illegals, presumably because they won’t pay American wages:

When Mike McMahon's [Email him] Latino employees need to go to the bank, the pharmacy or the grocery store, he makes sure someone drives them to town, waits while they run errands, and then brings them safely back to his dairy farm.

Even then, there is no guarantee law enforcement in their small, rural community [McMahon is the owner of McMahon's EZ Acres in Homer, New York.] won't spot the workers, ask for their IDs, and put them on a path toward deportation if they cannot prove they are here legally. It is a risk that dairy farmers in this agricultural region have faced for years, but it is hitting them harder as immigration reform languishes in Washington and the nation's demand for milk-heavy products like Greek yogurt soars.[VDARE.com note: The technical name for this is a boom. Apparently none of that is going to be passed down to the employees.]


McMahon told of one trusted worker, Antonio, who got word from his wife in Mexico that their young son had a brain tumor. He was desperate to visit them, so McMahon gave him some cash, wished him luck and let him go. Antonio was caught in Brownsville, Texas. By the time he was deported, his son had died.

McMahon hasn't seen Antonio since and does not expect to, because of the cost of hiring coyotes to guide people over the southern border.

"I pray to God Jeb Bush is our next president," McMahon said, "because he's married to a Mexican woman. He gets it."

Dairy farmers, in dire need of workers, feel helpless as immigration reform sours, By Tina Susman, LA Times, March 30, 2015

It's time to end dairy price supports, price controls, and trade barriers that keep out the ocean of surplus New Zealand milk.

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