A Reader Protests The Brookings Institute's "Changing Face Of The Heartland" Propaganda
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The Brookings Institute calls this the "Changing Face" of the heartland. We think it's creepy.

Re: James Fulford’s blog post Refugee Resettlement Watch On The Somali Chaos In St. Cloud–Lutherans Are To Blame

From: Virginia Paleoconservative [Email him]

Having read James Fulford’s post on the Somalis in Minnesota causing a variety of problems, it reminded me of a recent Brookings Institute essay that extolled the untapped resources of this population.

The essay, The Changing Face of the Heartland by Jennifer Bradley, has as its theme “whites you are doomed” psy-ops using some data from the works of William H. Frey who has made a career gloating about the demographic decline of whites in America. It reports on the demographic replacement of whites from the workforce in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, and what should be done to assist the valued minorities to displace whites from the workforce even faster. However, the best part of the essay was inadvertent humor that the author presented as serious conjecture:

“… America’s antidote to Chinese dominance in Africa is called Minnesota [because] we have hundreds of people born in Africa with family connections who know languages and dialects and are better able to compete.”
Yes, Minnesota‘s Somali gang members and welfare hustlers are going to beat the Chinese at their own mercantilist game in Africa!

And this heretofore unknown talent of America’s black underclass was also identified:

“[R. T. ]Rybak [Former Mayor of Minneapolis, and major promoter of Somali immigration ] initially promoted the language skills of immigrant children or those with immigrant parents as an asset to employers, but then realized that African-American children also had cultural skills that employers might need. While they might not be fluent in another language, they are adept at code-switching. Originally code-switching referred to the transition between languages or vernaculars during conversation, but it has taken on a larger meaning, encompassing “the ability, highly prized at … low-income urban schools, to recognize and accurately perform the behaviors appropriate to each different cultural setting,” in the words of education writer Paul Tough. Rybak puts it this way: “If you take a kid from North Minneapolis who goes to high school in Southwest Minneapolis, and then downtown for an internship, that kid code-shifts several times during the day. That’s exactly the skill that 3M will need that person to have if 3M sends him or her to China, Africa, or Eastern Europe. Employers absolutely got that.” An article in Harvard Business Review describes cultural code-switching as one of the “three skills every 21st century manager needs.””
A scenario based on this premise would have great potential as a Saturday Night Live skit! Will “code-switching” now enter the contemporary lexicon with the same unchallenged gravitas as “diversity”? What is not funny is that too many people in power are already implementing this Brooking’s guide to white displacement in America.

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