A Patriot Lawyer Says Birth Data Show The White Population Increasing—In Spite Of National Policy Designed To Reduce It
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From: Fabrizio Evola [Email him]

Birth data for 2021 just got released from the Centers for Disease Control. The biggest news was that the number of births increased by about 1% from 2020. This was the first increase in seven years. There was a decrease in the number of births to teenage girls, and a very large increase in the number of births for women in their later 30s [Vital Statistics Rapid Release, Number 020, CDC.gov, May 2022].

However, there were also some pronounced shifts in the number of births by race. The black, Asian, and Native American birth rates all dropped, but the Hispanic and white birth rates increased. In totality, the percentage of births to white mothers went up from about 51% in 2020 to about 51.5% in 2021.

In other words, despite national policy specifically designed to reduce the share of whites in the overall population, the white population appears to be increasing. If an immigration moratorium were imposed, there is a good-faith basis to believe that America's demographics could be restored.

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