A Florida Reader Reminds Us Of How Easy And Effective Grass Roots Activism Can Be
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Re: A Reader Engages In Grassroots Activism On A DC Overpass

From: Delmar Jackson [Email him]

Congratulations to Mr. Hunter and to VDARE.com for bringing attention to his guerilla ad campaign. I have long thought roadside sign activism was under rated. There are thousands of places immigration patriots can be posting signs that would be seen by hundreds of thousands of pedestrians and motorists.

This sign activism has many advantages with few downsides.

  • It is very cost effective and reach hundreds of thousands of citizens for almost no money.
  • With the right slogan or message, it can activate those on the sideline or make those neutral more receptive in the future.
  • It gives activists an avenue for action. It gives us something we can do. Too much reflection and analysis without any action can be depressing.
  • Signs show other like minded patriots they are not alone and give encouragement.
  • Signs show our opponents their positions are not accepted.
  • Signs are overlooked weapons in a culture war we are not fighting and are running away from.
One of the best videos on YouTube in my opinion is a short video called FREEWAYBLOGGER; How to Reach 100,000 for Less Than 1$ posted by a person showing how he uses a cheap used overhead projector and some paint and cardboard to make his signs for less than a dollar.

They look well made and are not crude hand drawn. I hope you can provide the link to show your readers that roadside sign activism is something they can do for very little money. The maker of the video, who is very liberal and probably not an immigration patriot at all, has a website where he gives practical advice on where best to place signs without getting into trouble.

It would be fun to ask viewers what would be the best short and effective text to place on our signs.

I imagine for long messages a person would have to use the old Burma shave sign method and place several signs that rhymed.

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