An Americans First Democrat Congratulates The WSJ On Its Amazing Predictive Powers
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From: John DiPaolo [Email him]

After the great news about the Cantor primary, I came across this instantly obsolete WSJ story "Money Woes Make Immigration a No-Show in GOP Primaries" predicting Lindsay Graham and Eric Cantor victories based on fundraising advantage. Looks like author Reid J. Epstein beat his chest a bit prematurely.

I plan to congratulate him ([email protected]) on this amazing piece of prophecy.

For a while now I've believed that Republicans are facing an existential threat, based on immigration and the corollary wage depressed/government dependent demographic. I'm hopeful that this marks the beginning of an awakening to this historical crossroads facing the GOP.

I'm often asked if being an Americans First Democrat isn't a contradiction in terms. I reply it might be if there were Americans First Republicans. Well, maybe here with Dave Brat we have one.

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