A Southern Reader Sees No Justice In A "Slavery Tax"
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Re: Peter Bradley’s article "Racial Ratio" Shifting Against Slavery Tax—But GOP Silent Anyway

From: Carson Brewer [Email him]

Peter Bradley  writes

"Derbyshire calls welfare—and the other assorted programs, handouts and preferences for blacks—the Slavery Tax. In other words, guilty white elites imposed it on the rest of society to make up for the supposed effects of slavery and segregation."

This justification for making white men support Negroes has three readily apparent flaws.

  1. Without slavery, very few of today's American Negroes would have been born.
    President Barack Obama is the rare exception and there is no way he or any of his ancestors suffered from slavery in the American south.
  2. History. The Civil War and Reconstruction wiped out all economic gains whites had amassed with the benefit of slavery. And once the south had built up again, many whites who had built wealth without slave labor were wiped out by the Depression.
  3. No man is responsible for his father's sins. If I could go back in time and prevent my south Georgia ancestors from using slaves on their plantations I would. But I can’t. And I don't feel like paying for crimes I didn't commit.

 To extend the slavery tax to subsidize immigrants is even more ludicrous. There is no conceivable way slavery that ended nearly150 years ago could adversely affect newly arrived immigrants.

We must stop the insanity. The big lie of "White guilt" is making second class citizens of our most productive people and bankrupting the country. This new "big lie" of is every bit as dangerous as anything ever told by Joseph Goebbels.

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