A Reader Asks Us For More Sam Francis
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Re: Sam Francis Archive At Archive.org

From: An Anonymous Reader [Email him]

Have you any idea where I can find on the internet a copy of Sam Francis’ column Synthesizing Tyranny?
Thank you for your help.

James Fulford replies: This is the kind of search I do all the time. Sam Francis's column Synthesizing Tyranny no longer where it was originally posted, is about his concept of "anarcho-tyranny", the "Hegelian synthesis of two opposites—anarchy and tyranny." is posted here, on a message board called The Phora. Here's a sample:

"One example of the coexistence of anarchy and tyranny must suffice. On January 9 of this year, a man named Mustafa Mohammed, a Somali immigrant, was arrested at the retirement home in Alexandria, Virginia, where he worked, for repeatedly slashing the faces of the residents. Some six elderly residents were injured, one with a broken neck and another requiring 200 stitches. Mr. Mohammed, the alleged perpetrator, has been in trouble before, for a violent altercation committed while working at a local pharmacy. When some other workers made fun of him, he began hitting one of them, a fellow Somali immigrant, in the face. Charges against Mr. Mohammed were dropped after his victim declined to testify (“because other members of the Somali community begged him not to go forward,”  as the Washington Post reported). It is understandable why the prosecution went nowhere, but why did Mr. Mohammed wind up with a job in a retirement home?

At the same time when the police, courts, and Somali community were dealing with Mr. Mohammed, the Washington police were engaged in more serious business. They were deploying yet another four hidden cameras in the District of Columbia to catch speeders. Despite earlier assurances from the District government that the purpose of the cameras was public safety, D.C. Mayor Anthony Williams acknowledged in authorizing the four new devices that “the continued processing of District tickets and the collection of District revenues”  were the reasons for them. Since August 2001, similar hidden cameras have raked in the tidy sum of $63 million for the District.

Under anarcho-tyranny, the control of genuinely dangerous elements like Mustafa Mohammed is put on the back burner. The real problem is how to squeeze money out of ordinary citizens who will not complain, will not fight back, and will not start slashing people in the face."

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