A California Reader Is Tired Of Seeing Amnesty Pushers Called RINOs; They’re AINOs (Americans in Name Only)
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 GOP, You Are Warned | Immigration could cause a Republican crackup

From: Steve Smith [Email him]

In my opinion, being opposed to mass immigration/criminal invasion isn’t really a "partisan" issue, or a "Republican" issue. There's no reason for Republican or Democrat Americans to cede the issue of mass foreign invasion to political parties (they're scum).

Let's stop calling these Republican turncoats RINOs and call them what they are: traitors and AINOs (Americans in Name Only). Their agenda is an anti-American cost shift (from employers to taxpayers) and has nothing to do with the voters they purport to represent.

Republicans don't "own" America—or the immigration "issue".

This is our country, not some political party's pig farm.

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James Fulford writes:  On December 31, 2004 , David Frum, who’s been good on immigration lately, wrote an NRO cover story titled GOP, You Are Warned | Immigration could cause a Republican crackup.. [Full text here] Sam Francis’s column in response was called Immigration Policy Bad For America!—Not Just GOP.

This is a  point I repeated in 2007 with posts called NR Wobble Watch and More Kaus Vs. NRO. From the last named post:

That's the point Lowry and National Review seem to be missing—immigration isn't just about Republicans, it's about the continued survival of the United States of America.

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