A Southern Illinois Reader Speaks BRIEFLY On The Fourteenth Amendment
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Re: Paul Nachman's When And How Did The Anchor-Brat Legal Travesty Arise? AND Ann Coulter's Ann Coulter: Correcting Bill O’Reilly (Again!) On “Birthright” Citizenship And The Constitution

From: William Clough [Email him]

This is an open memo to the striped pants cookie-pushers running the Republican Party: the Fourteenth Amendment refers to ex-slaves and their descendants. It makes them full citizens of the U.S. It was written in the 1860's and doesn't have anything to do with foreigners crossing the southern border, and having an illegitimate kid so it can automatically be an American citizen.

Get with the program!

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VDARE.com comment: To make this even plainer, American Indians (aka "Native Americans") did not gain the franchise because of the 14th Amendment, failed to get it by subsequent litigation, and only became full American citizens when the Snyder Act was passed in 1924. Being born on American soil was not sufficient for them! See Weigh Anchor! Enforce the Citizenship Clause


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