A Reader Requests A Comprehensive Response To Bogus Anti-Trump Talking Points
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Re: A North Carolina Reader Asks About The ATLANTIC’s Bogus Talking Point About Trump’s Immigrant Grandfather

From: An American Abroad [Email him]

In the past year I’ve discovered and become a huge Radio Derb fan, and found my way to VDARE.com.com through that. I just sent a modest donation to VDARE.com and a modest monthly donation to John Derbyshire via a different email address. I’ve also recently read the Paul Nachman guide to the literature [PDF] linked to on the VDARE.com FAQ and read most of the shorter referenced sources. The arguments contained therein are fantastic.

I’m happy to see the most recent letter published on VDARE.com from the North Carolina reader writing and publishing letters to the editor on immigration. It seems that Trump’s plan provides a unique opportunity for the modern anti-immigration movement to move from not being mere Cassandras, but to actually make the proper governmental policies come to fruition.

In a similar vein to that reader’s question, I think it would be useful for VDARE.com or some website to keep track of the misinformation and mainstream media talking points floating around seeking to discredit the Trump proposal, with links to the best up-to-date verifiable sources to refer to.

Missing from the Nachman article (unless I missed it) was the hard data on questions like how many illegal and legal immigrants are coming, what is the estimated net cost/benefit of immigration to the native population (at least in terms of easily measurable dollars), etc. This could be very useful for readers (like myself) to share in comment threads online for example.

I have found much useful information on cis.org for example, but still something condensing the info for a response to each liberal talking point would be useful.

A question on one such talking point—where can one find a trustworthy estimate of the cost of the wall? [VDARE.com note: See How Come We Can Have 40,000 miles Of Interstate, But Not 2,000 Miles Of Border Fence?, Do We Want A Border Fence—Or 14 Days of Iraq War? Etc…, and  Secure Border Initiative Fence Construction Costs, GAO-09-244R, January 29, 2009. But whatever it costs, it’s cheaper than being invaded.]

donaldtrumpsthreeprinciplesFinally, a different comment/thought to share- Although the criticism from the mainstream media of Trump’s plan seems to be all over the place, I’ve noticed two consistencies about it. 1) I’ve never seen any article reprinting the three core principles stated in the plan’s introduction, and 2) even as they denounce it as racist, I haven’t heard an inkling of a multicultural argument on the National Question about how great our current immigration policy is to make our country more diverse/less white more quickly. That could signal that they’re aware of how Americans do really feel about the issue.

James Fulford writes: This is not at all a bad idea. I’ll start working on it now.

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