A South Florida Reader Explains To Rand Paul Why He "Never Met A Latino Who Wasn't Working"—Corrupt Hiring Via Mexican Gangs
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Re: Stand With Rand—Or Fall With Paul? His Awful, Stupid, Hispandering Speech Shows He’s Really Part Of Conservatism Inc.’s Cheap Labor Racket

From: Delmar Jackson (e-mail him)

Rand Paul says that while, living in Texas, he never met a Latino that was not working.

Can someone give him a copy of Ricardo Charles book Mexican Cliques in Construction ?

The author, who is a 31-year veteran of construction in Texas, documented, at much risk to his personal safety, how organized Mexican gangs have shut out white and black workers from Texas construction sites. He describes how crooked labor contractors provide jobs solely to Latinos who pay a bribe to get the job and a weekly bribe to keep the job. This practice is called "mordida" and is just another "family value" that is enriching our culture.

The silence this book in the media about it and its message is deafening.[See A Mexican-American In Texas Writes About Corruption In Texas Contracting Caused By Actual Mexicans]

Rand Paul needs to get out more. I live in South Florida. I have seen Texas contractors spread this evil here. A few years ago on a federal job site, the construction of a new federal courthouse in Miami, all of the carpenters on the job site were foreign carpenters from Central America brought in by a Texas contractor. This was against the law as only US citizens are allowed to work on Federal sites.

It took the International Brotherhood Of Electrical Workers members weeks and weeks to get anyone to do something about this. Eventually all the foreign carpenters were removed and local carpenters desperate for the work were hired. Nothing was done to the crooked Texas contractor.

I posted on my YouTube channel a local TV news show from a few years ago of a Texas contractor using loopholes to fill all the sheet metal and air conditioning jobs at a major hotel building site on Miami Beach. [Legal Immigration Fraud stories They Took Our Jobs H 1B H 2B Visas, November 13, 2012 ]The news report shows interviews with local workers and their families crying on camera that they were out of work for months but the contractor had used loopholes in the visa system to bring in foreign workers while locals, nearly all Hispanic, were begging for work. Nothing was done to the contractor.

My point is, maybe Rand Paul has never met a Latino in Texas that was not working, well, maybe there is a good reason.

Personally, with only a few exceptions, I have never known a representative in Washington, of either party, that was not a weasel.

I am beginning to think that our “leaders “ in both parties are being bought and sold. I think there are people in charge at the top who do not think of themselves as Americans, who are globalists, and citizens of the " world" who don't care about the people and are willing to do whatever is best for themselves at the expense of the nation, there is no other reason for the current full court press by the media and both parties to shove another amnesty down our throats, legalize 20 million who will bring in millions more immediately and bankrupt us even faster.

It was when businessmen in the 1920s saw anarchists blowing up bombs on Wall Street that they realized massive immigration had a negative effect on their country. The new businessmen, the globalists, care nothing for what will get blown up as this is not their country and they will never stop the flow of immigration.

I watch the video of Harry Reid just a few years ago saying anchor babies was insane, or Barbara Jordan's bi partisan commission making sane immigration sense, and have to ask myself why has everything changed 180 degrees in just a few years? Even the Democrats, just a few years ago, recognized massive immigration was not a good idea.

We, the people are no longer in control and I am afraid for my country.

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