A South Carolina Reader Wonders If (Mostly) White Canadians Really Qualify As A "Flash Mob"
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Re James Fulford's blog item Violentflashmobs.com and the MSM

From: An Anonymous Reader In Columbia, SC [Email him]

I know you haven’t specified race-on-race descriptions of all the flash mobs but the lead-in to the list suggests we are talking about black-on-white flash mobs.  I think the Vancouver, BC mob after a game was mostly white, was it not?

James Fulford writes: Lists like this will always be imperfect, but Peter Brimelow wondered about the Vancouver riot, too, when it happened. The answer, from Kevin Michael Grace, is here: The Vancouver Riot: Minorities + Mooks. KMG estimated "approximately 60% white, 30% Sikh, 10% other minorities. But there were almost no Chinese to be seen." Vancouver, just north of Seattle, is trending towards being an Asian city, but BC and Canada are still pretty white by American standards.

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