A Reader Can Relate To Nicholas Stix, Because He's Ridden The Same Train
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Re: Nicholas Stix's blog item Bronx Resident Jason Fordell Didn’t Know That Riding the Subway While White is a Crime

From: An Anonymous Teacher Somewhere A Long Way From The Bronx [Email him]

As a high school math teacher in the Southwest, and as a 38-year former resident of the Third World enclave called the Bronx, I can relate to the column by Nicholas Stix.  It was a scary and depressing experience for any white New Yorker to endure the subway ride through the South Bronx. 

James Fulford writes: I'm suppressing the name of the reader here—he signed his name to the email—because of what happened to teacher Walter Kehowski when he merely forwarded some columns we wrote. It took seven years of court wrangling before the Ninth Circuit ruled in favor of the First Amendment.

People with long memories may recall what happened to baseball's John Rocker when he expressed contempt for some of the weird people riding the 7 Train. For further subway riding coverage, see Hell on Wheels—The job of a conductor on a New York City subway train is a voyage into the heart of darkness, [American Renaissance, January 1997] in which a refugee from Hungary discovers that a government job underground in New York is a lot more trouble than the generous salary and benefits are worth.

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