A Chicago Reader Can Understand Why Minority Leaders Behave As They Do—But What About White Liberals?
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Re: Steve Sailer's Blog Gentrification In Echo Park — Exception To A Rule?

From: Mike Mozart [Email him]

Steve Sailer quoted this story:

"But there was no escaping the awkward fact that one slate, with Sigala at the top of the ticket, was made up almost entirely of Latinos; the other, with Peters at the top, challenging Sigala for the presidency, was almost entirely white.

“Peters lost to Sigala, and her slate lost almost every race. Nine of the 10 people on Sigala’s slate won their races. In two election cycles, the Latino community went from a single representative on the neighborhood council to a dozen, Sigala said.

“Echo Park has a long and proud history of liberal politics; candidates on both sides considered themselves progressives committed to diversity and the working class..."

[ Gentrification divides Echo Park community in Los Angeles, By Scott Gold, Los Angeles Times, June 27, 2008]

The above is a perfect example of reality slapping liberalism and multiculturalism in the face, as the "noble immigrants" that liberals love vote them out and install their own  

I've always thought of liberalism, within the context of race, sovereignty and culture, as a disease inflicting only the weak and feeble-minded. Being weak and feeble-minded is pretty much the domain of white liberal/progressives, since the majority of non-whites who preach the doctrines of liberal ideology, i.e.: tolerance, diversity and multiculturalism, do it for the specific reason of garnering power for their own kind. The actual ideals of the white liberal mind set rarely, if ever, enter into it. They want power in order to enrich themselves and attain it through ethnic monopolies.

But white liberals, who truly believe that if you plop down hostile, un-assimilating, uneducated foreign nationals into our society, they'll magically adopt our way of life and become like them, completely dismiss the fundamental truth of human nature, which is that people stick to their own kind, look out for their own interests and will never stop fighting to become the dominant group—our Constitution, laws, language and mores be damned.

Like children, the liberals cannot comprehend the realities of life.

The altruistic frenzy that the liberal mind set unleashed upon our country for decades is now beginning to bear fruit, as more and more cities, towns and states fall under the yoke of foreign influence and foreign invaders, who simply vote for one ideal: power for themselves and the ability to remake their new home into replica's of their home countries

I understand why ethnic pimps and race hustlers continue to use this tactic. I can even understand why our own politicians, in the pursuit of money and votes to retain individual power, still pander to the invaders.

But for the life of me I can't understand why white liberals refuse to see what's in front of their own eyes. I simply cannot see how they don't understand that their beloved ideals and ideologies will be the first to go when they're banished from power due to their own stupidity.

It truly boggles the mind. Too bad there's no pill they can take to cure their disease

Mike Mozart lives in what he describes as "the Democratic-controlled sanctuary city of Chicago." He has been a Minuteman and, with others, protested in front of Elvira Arellano's church hideout. See Mozart's previous letters.

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