A Florida Reader Points Out That Most Illegal Immigrant Fruit Pickers Can Be Replaced By Machines
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06/27/11 - A South Carolina Reader Sends Us A Comment Unpublished By National Review

Re: Georgia immigrant crackdown backfires, By Reid J. Epstein, Politico, June 22, 2011

From: Delmar Jackson (e-mail him)

Politico is running a story that the Georgia immigration law is backfiring as Georgia farmers are facing losses of thousands of dollars as they are unable to hire illegal aliens and crops such as blueberries that need the magic skilled touch of illegal migrant workers are needed to pick crops rotting in Georgia fields.

Here is a wonderful YouTube video showing an automated blueberry picker picking blueberries in Georgia.

YouTube can provide you videos of vegetable picking machines to suit any size farm for nearly any crop.

So it looks like not only do millionaire farmers that believe our nation's immigration policies should be tailored to meet their needs, they also get to ignore the visa programs already in place allowing them to bring in unlimited temporary farm workers and they also get to ignore the labor saving machinery they refuse to invest in and would rather profit from illegals and pass the burden of their choices onto American public.

See Delmar Jackson's previous letter.

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