A California Journalism Student Explains The Consequences Of John McCain
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11/05/08 - A South Carolina Reader Says: "Don't Muddy The Waters!"

From: Linda Cromwell (e-mail her)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: GOP Committed Suicide With McCain

Guzzardi wrote, in an understatement, that McCain was "an unworthy candidate" who ran "a terrible campaign."

The consequences are that McCain finished off the Republican Party for good. Maybe in the long run that will be for the best.

Here's an exchange that sums it up between Ed Rollins, best known for his work as Ronald Reagan's 1984 campaign manager, and Lou Dobbs from the November 5th Lou Dobbs Tonight program.


"The critical thing here is there's no longer a Republican Party. The Republican Party has been crushed. Those House numbers, I've been through this process four times when we've got to that kind of number. Watergate, when Bush broke the tax pledge, what have you.

"The difference this time is fifty of those seats they won in the last two elections were withdrawn for Republicans to be safe seats. There's no place we can get them back."


"There are not a lot of people right now, I will tell you, worrying whether or not the Republican Party is crushed. Because the Republican Party in part, and I'm expressing my personal opinion here, only my opinion. The Republican Party is responsible for what has been transgressions against the trust of governance."

Let's hope the Republicans finally get the message. But there's little evidence that they will.

Cromwell's previous letter about why we shouldn't expect the mainstream media to change its immigration coverage is here.

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