A Somalian Christian Reader Says Westerners Should Stand Their Ground Against Immigrant Islamic Supremacists
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Re: Islam in Minnesota: Somali Women Workers Refuse to Comply with Safety Requirements  

From: Justin [Email him]

As a Somali Christian, I have absolutely NO rights to live or to even to visit Somalia which is where I was born and raised.  The only way I could live or visit there is to publicly renounce my Christianity and accept Islam.

And yet all the time, I see and read about  Somalis who are living in the West who are very openly and unashamedly trying to impose their Islamic values on unsuspecting, naive and ignorant Westerners, receiving large amount of monies in compensations and reparations etc.

Somalis can be extremely insensitive to the needs of others and they can also be very dangerous jihadists. They are very close-minded and ignorant group of people and I would advise this company in Minnesota, or other similar companies who are being bullied by dangerous Somalis whose only aim is to score goals for Islamic sharee'a: reject their Islamic dress codes. Absolutely make no compromises with them. And stand your ground against these Islamic supremacists who are pushing a creeping sharee'a on unsuspecting 'infidels', non-Muslims such as you. 

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