A NY Reader Explains Why NYT Ignores Patriotic Black Conservatives
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Re: "Black Conservative Elizabeth Wright Takes On The Carlos Slim Times" by Nicholas Stix

Elizabeth Wright doesn't get anywhere near the credit or publicity she deserves. The New York Times just reviewed a book about Booker T. Washington and completely ignored Wright's extensive scholarship. [UP FROM HISTORY: The Life of Booker T. Washington] Wright is the living heir of Washington's ideology. She's pretty much the only voice (that I know of) advocating for his side and against the W.E.B. Dubois view.

I thought of Wright and Washington when I heard about the Obama speech in Fort Myers, where a black lady asked Obama for a new car and a new kitchen. That's the wages of Dubois-ism right there.

The cultural and ideological descendants of Booker T. Washington would cringe at such a shameful display, and probably would buy the lady a kitchen and a car just to shut her up.

Back in 1909, Dubois most likely seemed like the "tough guy", but 100 years on, the ideological descendants of Washington (and there are a few) have their dignity and independence; Dubois's children are begging Big Man Obama for a new car.

Who's the real "tough guy" now?

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