A San Francisco Reader Reports Anti-White Zoning Proposals In The Mission District
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From: A San Francisco VDARE.com  Reader [Email her]

The Mission district of San Francisco was traditionally Irish and German but has become majority Hispanic—with the attendant increases of gangs and poverty—over the past few decades.  

Owing to the district's sunny microclimate and proximity to the affluent and mostly white Mission Dolores residential area and popular Dolores Park, the Mission has begun to attract white entrepreneurs who have opened successful restaurants popular with a mostly professional clientele.  

In response to even a small influx of whites, Hispanic business owners are proposing two moratoriums on new restaurants on 24th Street and one on the Valencia Street, the two streets where those white-owned business have opened, with the explicit purpose of "preserving the Latino culture" of the Mission.  

David Campos, the city supervisor for the area, originally an illegal immigrant from Guatemala, has expressed that he is open to the moratoriums; this is not surprising, considering his proudest accomplishments are stopping deportations and keeping illegal immigrants who stop paying their mortgages in "their" homes.

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