A Reader Asks “Why Not President Sessions?”
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From: MrStentorianCommentator [Email him]

Regarding the presidential race in 2016, what about Jeff Sessions of Alabama?  I like him on immigration.  Is there some reason why he's damaged goods or can't be trusted? 

I'd like Kris Kobach as much or better, but Ann Coulter, who Tweeted “My candidate for president in 2016 or 2020, after he's Gov of KS: Kris Kobach”, might have a point that someone needs to have the mantle of a substantial office, like Governor or Senator, and Kansas Secretary of State probably does not cut it. 

Maybe Kobach can become Governor of Kansas?

See earlier letters from the same  reader.

James Fulford writes: We don’t get much of a voice in picking the Republican Candidates for President (otherwise you would not have seen Romney, McCain, Dole, Bush II, or even Bush I) but if we did, we’d be very happy with Jeff Sessions, who can  be trusted, and is not damaged goods in any way. In 2006, Patrick Cleburne wrote  Time for President Sessions (R- AL)? 

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