A Former Budget Analyst Runs The Numbers On Miami-Dade's Immigrant Schooling Crisis
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Re: Brenda Walker's blog item Miami Schools Bear Immigration Costs

From: Linda Thom [email her]

I went poking about the school district’s  website to find the data  Miami-Dade's immigrant budget drain.

I prepared the attached spreadsheet showing the changes in enrollment from school year 1986-87 to 2011-12.  Enrollment increased by 105,211 students.  Hispanic students increased  by 128,660 and white-non-Hispanic students declined by 29,988.  In 1986-87 Hispanic students comprised 42% of enrollment and in 2011-12, they were 66% of enrollment.   In 2011-12, 72% of the kids were on free or reduced price lunches. 

Miami-Dade Spreadsheet

Folks, conservatives and liberals zero in on welfare but, as a former budget analyst for the County Administrator of Santa Barbara, I can tell you  the largest cost of immigration by far is education and Miami Dade is getting hammered.

Linda Thom [email her] is a retiree and refugee from California, now living in Washington State. She formerly worked as an officer for a major bank and as a budget analyst for the County Administrator of Santa Barbara. For other her VDARE.com contributions, see here.

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