A San Francisco Reader Explains Why She Doesn't Visit Oakland Much
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Re: Steve Sailer's blog post Is It a Coincidence That Black Radicalism Is Most Violent Where the Weather Is Nicest?

From: Marcy Fleming [Email her]

Steve Sailer posted a great piece on Oakland. My boyfriend lives in Oakland but I insist 90% of the time that he comes to San Francisco to visit me.

Oakland is the crime capital of California and in the top five in the nation. It has half the population of SF but twice the crime.

The problem is intensified because many stupid white libs have moved from SF to Oakland because of out of sight housing costs here.

Even in SF Blacks are 5% but 60% of the crime. Oakland is getting gentrified, but at way too slow a pace.

That reader from Mississippi is wrong about a black population explosion. In fact blacks have decreased from 14% of the US total to 12% since 1990.

Even Oakland is down to 27% from 60% in 1980 and SF went 13% to 5% since 1995.

Five million whites have left California in recent decades but so have 1 ½ million blacks. Many returned to the Deep South. Since the Depression of 2008 the Mexican immigration has greatly slacked off.

The real trouble is the continuing "progressive" mentality among most Americans going back to TR and Wilson, long before FDR.

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