A Reader Reports On Plans To Move Amnestied Illegals From Fruit-Picking To Taking Electrician's Jobs
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From: Grey Stalwart [Email him]

The following is an excerpt from a Denver Post article about government burdens caused by Obama's executive action. It inadvertently exposes a cornerstone argument used to justify amnesty as an outright lie. We were berated by open border advocates saying that without amnesty, we would have to pick our own fruit and mow our own grass. According to the Post, under the anointment of amnesty, such menial servants will instantly graduate to middle class jobs like electricians. This scenario triggers numerous labor/unemployment questions for the industries and people affected.

The Post statements give credibility to amnesty opponents advising that the winnable battle is over jobs and not deportation—people vote their pocketbook and labor statistics are more verifiable than illegals who disappear in the immigration system labyrinth.

New immigration policies could put an added burden on Colorado

By Mark K. Matthews

The Denver Post

5 March 2015

An argument made by attorneys in that lawsuit is that the executive order has the potential of putting states on the hook for providing benefits such as driver's licenses.

In the same vein, Texas has raised concerns about future costs on issuing occupational licenses, such as those required for electricians. With their new status, immigrants who had been in the country illegally and have training in better-paying fields — but who didn't seek those jobs because of fears of detention — may return to their old careers.[More]

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