A Retired Border Patrol Agent Says Arizona's Russell Pearce Is Tougher Than The Open Borders Mob
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From: Bob Park (e-mail him)

Re: Brenda Walker's Blog: Arizona Crackdown Bill Is Signed Into Law

Fox News ran the following poll:

“Will Immigration Law Help or Hurt Arizona?”

According to 94 percent of the respondents, SB 1070 will help.

State Senator Russell Pearce is tenacious and tough as nails. The Open Borders crowd will never learn. The more noise they make, the harder Pearce fights and the bigger our gains will be.

Previous letters from and columns about Park are here. With his wife Lois, Park is a 30-year resident of Prescott who retired from the Border Patrol in 1979 after serving since 1951. Currently, Park sits on the ProEnglish Board of Directors.


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