A Retired LA Teacher Remembers The Black/Hispanic Race Wars In His School
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Re: Allan Wall's article The Coming Black-Hispanic Crack-Up

From: An Anonymous Retired Los Angeles Teacher [Email Him]

I read Allan Wall's article today on the Mexican newspaper article. I taught at an inner-city high in Los Angeles for over 20 years. The school was 90% Hispanic, 10% black in the latter years. There were constant fights. The school had 12 armed LAUSD policemen on site.

In the early 2000s the Mexican kids decided to get rid of the blacks. Race riots occurred at lunch with blacks taking the worst of it, losing parts of ears and noses to biting. No TV/radio station or newspaper made any mention of these riots. It didn't fit in with the MSM pro-immigration message. Enrollment of black boys declined sharply after the riots.

On the daily drive home through the South Central LA neighborhood I often witnessed unprovoked attacks by blacks on Hispanics waiting for buses or what not. The adult population of the neighborhood around the high school was about half black. Most home owners were black. Often the apparently random unprovoked attacks mentioned above involved one adult black woman assaulting a Hispanic teenager or young woman.

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