A Reader Notes Mexican Parenting Skills—One Year-Old Baby Left In Walmart
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Re: James Fulford's article To End “Unaccompanied Minor” Scandal, Start Deporting Illegal (And Irresponsible) Parents

From: An Anonymous Lawyer [Email him]

This as an example of Mexican parenting skills—leaving your 0ne-year old sleeping in the Walmart shoe department while hanging out with the baby daddy who you have a restraining order against.

This isn't a 10-year old walking home from school, or a teenager crossing the border "unaccompanied", it was a one-year old baby with no one watching it.

When police arrived at the scene, they say they investigated the situation, and learned the baby was left unsupervised for a “significant” amount of time, although they could not give out a more definite timeline. Officers moved to find the parents of the baby, and they say they found success after searching through the store.

Police say they found the mother, a family member and a family acquaintance shopping together elsewhere in the store. They say they ticketed Nelly L. Gonzalez, the mother, with endangering the welfare of a child right away. Police say while interviewing other two people in the party, they found that the family member had an order of protection against Miguel A. Ramos Flores, the “acquaintance.”

VIDEO: Baby left alone in Walmart leads to resisting arrest charge

By Mark Belcher, News 4 WIVB, March 23, 2015

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