A Former Drivers Education Instructor Agrees That English Should Be Mandatory To Get A License
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From: L. J. Burgess (e-mail him)

Re: Brenda Walker's Blog: Complaint-O-Rama: Utah Requires Foreigners To Pass Drivers Test in English

When I was an undergraduate at a California university, I taught drivers education in downtown Los Angeles. After two months of trying to teach mostly novice immigrant drivers, I decided $8.00 an hour was not enough to risk my life for.

Many of these aspiring drivers had only been in a car as a passenger a handful of times. And the cars they had ridden in back home in Vietnam, Somalia, Iraq or any of the other thirty-odd countries whose languages California gives the drivers' test in would never pass a U.S. inspection.

In short, Utah is correct to insist that its driving applicants speak English. If you can't speak English, you certainly cannot read it either.

Road signs are, after all, still written in English.

Burgess moved to Utah in 2003.

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