A Republican Woman Switches To Protest The Bush Betrayal
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January 31, 2004

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A Former Sierra Club Member Is Pleased To Hear Of Immigration Insurgency

From:  Liz Smith, Mineola, New York

I just switched my political affiliation from Republican to Independent to protest President Bush's amnesty proposal and sent a letter to the national GOP chairman Mr. Gillespie to tell him so. I hope thousands more Republicans do the same in light of the "Bush Betrayal." I will not vote in the next election, unless a third-party candidate emerges who will be tough on illegal immigration and militarize the borders, north and south.

While I was pretty much fed up with Bush's "guest worker" scheme when it was announced, and the general wishy-washy position of the Department of Homeland Security, the last straw was a particularly a sickening display on January 26th, of capitulation to the demands of the sinister Mexican President, Vicente Fox (and of course the open borders crowd he represents).

President Bush outlined the proposal with Fox as a duo, with Fox at his left side. The first question we must ask is, why is this a "Mexican" Deal? Why are other countries, others far poorer than Mexico, apparently omitted from this compact?

I am always appalled by the submissive posture that President Bush assumes whenever he is in the presence of Fox. One of the most telling signs that this is capitulation is our President's use of the word migration" which is of course the term Fox uses to sugarcoat the reality of the invasion of illegals across our borders each day.

My immediate thought when I heard this was "he's gotten to him—Fox has won." Then, when Bush finished, the unctuous Fox extended his hand for a handshake to seal the deal.

At that awful moment, our country was given away, and we succumbed to an enemy that is intent on destroying American society.

Fox is the emissary for all the increasingly left-leaning leaders in Central and South America. They consider us a vestige of the past: a colonial power, a sovereign nation with a strong character and identity. In the globalist "New World Order" America is an anomaly to them.

We are now their target and Bush has just opened the front door and invited the enemy in.

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