Raul Lowery Contreras Complains; A Reader And Joe Guzzardi Respond
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February 02, 2004

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Vdare.com Update:

We've had letters disputing Raoul Lowery Contreras's claim that Schwarzenegger would "not be governor if 48% of Hispanics had not voted to recall Governor Davis."

Please note that Contreras does not claim that 48% of Hispanics voted for Arnold, he says that that many Hispanics voted against Davis.

Here are some figures from CBS NEWS:

Schwarzenegger got the votes of 31 percent of Hispanics.

Bustamante got the votes of 52 percent of Hispanics.

White Californians voted 60 percent to 40 percent for recall.

54 percent of Hispanics to keep Davis in office: 46 percent voted to recall him.

Why Schwarzenegger Won
Oct. 8, 2003
By Anthony Salvanto and Jennifer De Pinto

So if Hispanics were the swing vote in California, either Gray Davis would be in office, or Bustamante would. (McClintock, who is closer to actual Republicanism than Arnold is, got a fast 10% of the Hispanic vote.)

Contreras has made something of a career of fantasizing about Hispanic Republicans. But even if his figure of 48% Hispanic support for Republicans were true, this would still be less than half: just enough to lose an election.

From: Raoul Lowery Contreras [email him]

I'm still rolling on the floor after discovering a Vdare.com letter from San Diegan Doug Bell (2000) that flatly predicted— for my benefit— that no Republican would ever win election to governor in California again because of Hispanic immigrants. Tell that to Governor Arnold, who would not be governor if 48% of Hispanics had not voted to recall Governor Davis.

So much for Doug Bell's silly observations.

Doug Bell [email him] replies:

About that "hairshirt" (as Dan Stein calls him), Raoul Cantinflas, [VDARE.COM note: Cantinflas was a Mexican comedian, best known to Americans for playing David Niven's valet in Around The World In The Eighty Days.] I did make that prediction. But that was before I read all the VDARE articles (mostly by Steve Sailer) about the low voter turnout of Latinos.

We had a Justice Dept. investigation in San Diego's North County over the summer that finally cleared the City of Vista of discrimination against its Latino population (which has exploded in the last 10 years). Someone (it was never revealed who) filed a complaint claiming that Vista had intentionally violated the Voting Rights Act in keeping Latinos off the city council. Turns out most Latinos are A) immigrants and can't vote; B) are mostly underage; and C) aren't interested in voting because they're too preoccupied with making a living. Imagine that!

Anyway, it must be a slow news day if Contreras is routing through old VDARE.COM archives, what?

Joe Guzzardi comments:

We at VDARE.COM don't pay much attention to Raoul Lowery Contreras. We have important work to do, after all.

But he is such an inviting target! Recently, Contreras took exception to Steve Sailer's analysis of the Bush guest worker program with his typical convoluted and disconnected thought process.

I got to wondering if anyone, anywhere ever paid any mind to Contreras. It looks like the answer is "No."  The link to his website is dead. Two of his books, published by a vanity press, are ranked #796, 963 and #1,099,247 on the Amazon best seller list. 

Contreras' "writing" often appears on www.hispanicvista.com but that site ranks #425,070 according to ALEXA.COM, a Google subsidiary that monitors Internet hits. Translated that means Hispanic Vista has virtually no readers.

If Hispanics aren't reading Contreras, then for what reason does he carry on?

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