A Reconquista Tells A Police Officer To "Open His Mind" About Immigration; He Replies
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From: Roney Smith (e-mail him)

Re: Richard Humphries Letter: A Reader Asks George Bush To Deport Calderon's Illegal Relatives

I guess it is okay for Humphries' ancestors to come marching into North America uninvited and illegally, lay claim to land belonging to someone else and eventually usurp the entire part of North America that is now the United States.

Humphries has, apparently, no idea what an asset the Mexicans are to the U.S. because of its culture and its cuisine

Does he like burritos?  Nachos?  Tacos?  Guess what? Thank Mexico for that.

Let me recommend something else to Humphries:  Search for the singing group Sparx, four sisters who sing in harmony together. 

One of their big hits is "Para Que".  Listen to those girls. Or better yet, watch the video version of the song. Then try to tell me we should not let the Mexicans live in this country. 

How about Ana Barbara?  Humphries wants to throw her out?  He'll have to walk over a lot of pretty tough Texans who love her. [Joe Guzzardi notes: Sparx and Ana Barbara sound exactly the same to me! I recommend less eye shadow for Ana Barbara, however.]

Does he like Linda Ronstadt?  Guess what?  You guessed it, another one of those Mexicans Humphries objects to.

Humphries should open his mind a little. He'll find it serves him better when he can breathe the free air of openness and tolerance.

Humphries (e-mail him here) is a former Arizona Department of Public Safety officer and resident of Cochise County.

He replies:

I welcome this opportunity to set Smith straight about his concept of "racism" as it pertains to illegal immigration.

Believe me, Smith has chosen the wrong guy to accuse of racism.

Smith's reaction shows a lack of logic and understanding that is the result of unfounded emotion rather than a factual analysis.

First, many of my ancestors were already here when the settlers came across the Atlantic to form America.

I am a card-carrying member of the Cherokee Nation. I constantly hear the argument supporting illegal immigration that, "America was founded by immigrants".

That's false.

"Immigrants" are those who migrate from one established country to another, from one culture to another.

And sure, individuals who have come here from Mexico have brought in some nice stuff like their cuisine. But what does that have to do with illegal immigration?

I also enjoy much of the music from Latin American countries. But, again, what does that have to do with Illegal immigration?

Most of us who want our borders protected from foreign trespass don't give a whit what color the skin is of those who thumb their noses at our laws and make a mockery of the sovereignty of this nation.

It matters not what country they are from, what religion they believe in, what language they speak, whether they are white, brown, black or yellow; if they are here illegally, they are not welcome.

I grew up with many Hispanic friends, went to school with them, played sports with them, drank beer and chased girls with them.

Then, I served in the Air Force with them and later worked in law-enforcement with them.

All of this confirmed my belief that "we" are all pretty much alike, regardless of our skin color.

If we would just get serious about sealing our border and make sure that no one hires anyone who is here illegally and then did whatever it takes to locate and return to his country of origin those who have broken our immigration laws, the problem would be solved.

My mind is open. But is Smith's?

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