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A Massachusetts Reader Confirms Special Hospital Treatment for Sen. Kennedy; etc.

From: Kaye O' Hern (e-mail her)

Re: Today's Letter: A New Jersey Reader Wonders If Teddy Kennedy Had To Wait Long In The Emergency Room

I can clear up your letter writer's doubts.

Not only didn't Kennedy wait but he is one of the few patients who has been admitted directly into Massachusetts General Hospital from another hospital's emergency room.

My sister had a life-threatening emergency procedure at Quincy Hospital. But she was told that Quincy could not send its emergency room patient to Massachusetts General because its policy—for my sister and others but obviously not Sen. Kennedy—does not permit admitting referrals.

Luckily, my sister survived her crisis. But for a period of several hours while our family scrambled around looking for a hospital that would accept my sister, things were touch and go.

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A Reader In Scotland Says Pat Buchanan's Column "Strikes Out"

From: Martin Kelly (e-mail him)

Re: Patrick J. Buchanan's Column: Bush Plays The Hitler Card

I'm very disappointed to see Buchanan strike out so badly in this column.

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