A Reader Says The GOP Leadership Is So Paralyzed With Fear Of Being Called Racist They’d Rather See Us Dead.
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Re: Radio Derb: Nation Of Laws Or Nation Of Deals?, London Terror, American Cultural Revolution, Etc

From: Spirit of the Fighting 69th [Email him]

Another bombing in London on Friday, Her Majesty’s subjects dead or badly injured. Enoch Powell is proven right.  He was vilified for his warning, now the “preventable evil” has come to pass and still the government will not stop immigration and start deporting.

Labour aimed to destroy England by importing the Third World and is succeeding and the Tories do nothing. Shame. Shame on Labour for betraying Britain, Shame on the Conservatives for being duplicitous cowards.

In our country mobs of illegal aliens protest openly without fear of arrest, vandals deface any monument with a white face and attack citizens with the connivance of the Democratic establishment and the Republicans are silent. They will not even defend a Republican president who denounces mob violence.

Led by  the “Chinless Wonder” McConnell and “Pretty Boy” Ryan they are indeed “hollow men”. Like their counterparts in Britain, they are so paralyzed with fear of being called racist they’d rather see us dead.

We who resist national extinction will indeed be called racist for refusing to kowtow to the institutional suicide demanded of us. So what? We shall have to learn to live with the scandal. We have “nothing to fear, but fear itself,” to quote Pres. Roosevelt, a caution ignored by the Republican establishment. Suicide, whether personal or national is a sin, one I refuse to commit.

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