A Connecticut Reader Catches The New York Times Agreeing With Jason Richwine
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 From: Joseph Morabito [Email him]

Here's an item that may be of interest to VDARE.com  readers. A 1930 New York Times editorial said of Mexican immigrants:

 "In so far as Mexican immigration is concerned, it would be idle to deny the economic usefulness of Mexican laborers. But it is essential to face the fact that the great mass of Mexican immigrants is virtually not assimilable. For the most part Indian in blood, their traditions as well as standards of living are very different from ours."[Immigrants From The New World, Jan 16, 1930] 

Of course, this editorial was written decades before the NY Times Style Manual was purified and sanitized by Political Correctness, but perhaps a posthumous apology is due here.

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 James Fulford writes: The New York Times should not make a posthumous apology to any poor campesinos who were prevented from entering the US by the American Immigration Service, even if  Congress based their decisions on the Times's unusually sensible advice. Instead, they should apologize immediately to Jason Richwine, who they helped get fired from Heritage with stories like Critic of Immigration Proposal Cited Lower I.Q. of Immigrants in Dissertation, May 8, 2013.

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