A Reader Wonders Why Jeb's Campaign Website Is Selling Guacamole Bowls
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From: An Anonymous Woman Reader [Email her]

Looks like his campaign staff of Chicano Studies majors, MeChA traitors and various Reconquista fifth-columnists includes an aspiring Taco Bell product designer. The SEVENTY-FIVE (!!?!!) dollar price tag—what's the current rate for pesos to the dollar?—makes me wonder if these bowls are individually handmade by the Zapatistas themselves (Jeb's ideological allies), deep within Chiapas, feverishly toiling in their Marxist pottery studio.

This is the actual caption to the bowl: "Jeb and Columba love whipping up guacamole on Sunday Funday."

[Jeb Bush Wants to Sell You a $75 Guacamole Bowl, by Andrew Husband, MediaIte, August 5th, 2015]

Will the nameless barrio supporters of Juan Ellis Bush—all fifty of them—forego sending their weekly remittances to various baby mamas and illegitimate children around Mexico and, instead, save up for this "guacamole bowl"?


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