A Mississippi Voter Explains How Trucker Robert Gray Got To Be A Gubernatorial Candidate
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Re: James Fulford’s blog post Correction: Mississippi Dems Nominate Truck Driver For Governor–First BLACK Male On The Ballot, originally Mississippi Dems Nominate Truck Driver (The Only White Male On The Ballot)For Governor

From: A White Mississippi Voter [Email him]

I am a Mississippi voter. Please allow me to correct your recent piece on Robert Gray. He is black, not white.

Everyone seems to be puzzled by how an unknown truck driver who ran no campaign beat the well-funded party-approved candidate. Even Mr. Gray himself was puzzled. I heard him on the radio attributing his victory to people voting randomly.

I can tell you exactly what happened. Vicki Slater (the well-funded party-approved candidate) was terrible. She campaigned on a strident kind of progressive liberalism that is equally off putting to whites and blacks down here.

Whites don't like leftist policies that they see likely benefiting blacks at the expense of whites. And blacks don't like a know-it all-white lady schoolmarm.

Whites voting in the Democratic primary here tend to be conservative and many vote Democrat merely to cast meaningful votes in down ballot elections for Sheriff, etc. I fit this profile. I voted for Sheriff and then was faced with the governor's race. I knew I didn't want to vote for Slater and then voted randomly among the two blacks and Gray's name was first.

I'm sure blacks did the same, knowing they didn't like the annoying white lady they picked the first black on the ballot.

It isn't that a white Democrat can't win statewide. A white candidate handily beat a black candidate for the Democratic nomination for Lt. Governor in the same election. It's that a white progressive liberal has no constituency down here.

I hope that helps make sense of it.

James Fulford writes: I'm embarrassed about not being able to spot this, although Gray is so pale for someone of African descent that it's hard to spot from photographs. (Watch video of him here.) It's another case of the MSM not reporting race, especially egregious here. You see, occasionally people deny that, as Peter Brimelow put it "race is destiny in American Politics." But nobody denies that race is destiny in Mississippi politics.

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